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Remember to Trick or Treat the Forums!

There's still plenty of time left in our annual Trick or Treat the forums event. The last day is Thursday, October 31st!

This event is all about getting to play with new characters and in unique situations that might not normally be part of your character's timelines. For most people, these threads aren't "officially" counting towards their character's storylines -- so even if your character would usually never participate in such an event, you're welcome to RP them just for the fun of it and not have it affect their storyline. Unless, of course, you want it to! ;) Just dive in and enjoy meeting new people and exploring new RP styles in fun, low-commitment mini-scenes.

Plus, the trick or treat candy you get on the forums can be real! For every trick or treat thread you actively participate in as a guest, you'll receive a random candy accolade to decorate your profile!

candyapple.png candycornbright.png halloweencandy.png candyapple.png candycornbright.png halloweencandy.png candyapple.png

Ready to jump in? Check out these Trick or Treat topics:

Who will you meet this Halloween?

Community Feedback

  • riaanly

    November 8th 2019


    I participated in the café one, but it got shut down cos people were god modding it. :((
  • Tardevil

    October 28th 2019


    I've always wanted to collect candy during Halloween, but I'm not comfortable "freeform" roleplaying. I wonder if maybe next year we can have some kind of alternative activity? :D
  • Lucretire

    October 27th 2019


    I also wanted to participate, but I'm on a roleplay hiatus so I have to sit this one out. Good luck to everyone else, though!
  • Mipps

    October 27th 2019


    I wanted to participate but my writers block hit me pretty hard. makes me sad :( I wanted to earn da goodies. But I am happy to see everyone else having so much fun.
  • Kim

    October 27th 2019


    Yes. If you tried, you tried! ;)
  • Voldarian_Empire

    October 26th 2019


    One bit of curiosity I have had recently....

    If a user hosts a trick or treat rp on the forums for the 7 day requirement and receives no posts on the trick or treat rp, do they still qualify for the Jack-o-lantern accolade? (Asking for a friend XD)

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