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Last Official Day of our Living Library AMA event

Posted by Kim on November 21, 2021, 9:00am

Today is the last official day of our Living Library event. We have a dizzying array of players volunteering to be "books" on so many different subjects!!

Although today might be the last official day of the 2021 Living Library event, you are of course free to continue asking and answering questions for as long as you like and have energy for. :) I want to thank everyone who has participated so far; I've been having a blast and have learned some fascinating new things, not just about the topics offered up but about the individuals that make up our playerbase. You've also all humbled me yet again with your kindness, curiosity and goodness toward one another, even when dealing with very sensitive topics and ideas.



November 24, 2021

Ahhhh dangit, I missed it; it was one of the events I especially wanted to participate in. Things have been ridiculously hectic the past four months, but next year, hopefully! In the meantime I'll go check the ones posted out, thank you everyone for taking the time to make these!


November 22, 2021

I experienced a bit of an energy crisis this week and my body demanded I do more sleeping than I had planned for, so I didn't get to ask as many questions as I wanted, but I still really enjoyed reading all of these :) Thanks so much to everyone who shared!


November 21, 2021

I loved this. I didn't know we had such a diverse community, and I'm glad so many people shared their insight.